Unlawfully Taken

My eyes begin to water from the pungent stench that seems to be coming from a table to my left. I peer down to see that my wrists are strapped to a dentist chair along with my ankles, calves, and shoulders. Shutting my eyes, I am overpowered by a bout of dizziness. Perplexed by the unfamiliar scene, I try to recount the events of my evening that had brought me to this dark, damp, desolate place.

A cackle rose from the corner and I shot up–awake and alert. Adrenaline rushes through my veins as I began to panic. With my heart racing, I weakly raised my head from the cold, metal chair to discover the source of the unfamiliar sound.

A lump grew in my throat as my vocal chords strained to scream but only managed to produce a meek whimper. My gaze landed on a group of five haggard woman crouched in the corner staring into oblivion with bloodshot eyes, bleeding, dripping noses, balding heads, and filthy fingers covered in a white dusty powder. My sudden jerks and thrashing attracted their attention, and before I can manage to free myself of their ties, I find myself staring the most wrinkled woman in the face.

They reach for different articles of clothing simultaneously and strip me naked in a flash. Goosebumps race over my skin that covers my bare body–vulnerable, helpless, on display for the five junkies hungrily watching me like a piece of meat.

Their eyes traced over all my curves of my body and stopped to stare right at my midsection. One of them raised her hand to silence the others and then pressed her ear to my naked stomach, a grin crossed her face as her gaze darted to the table of instruments to my left. My heart sank as I peered down at the table where a mixed array of unsterile objects sat–dentists’ tools covered with dirt and grime, residue that could have been thirty years old.

Before I can blink, one of the women spreads open my legs and stabs me in the stomach with a long, sharp metal rod. She sharply removes the instrument and glances at her work to see if she drew blood. Seemingly displeased with the first woman’s attempt, a second woman grabs the rod and skewers my stomach, swirling the rod around until she makes contact with a large lump and proceeds to jab even harder.

The pain emanates from my core outwards and vibrates through all parts of my body. Screaming and sobbing with no chance of being heard, the women release me from my restraints and I crumble onto the floor. A naked, weak, pile of skin, I lay motionless, stunned into oblivion. A puddle of blood starts to creep from between my thighs and trickle down my legs until I am swimming in a crimson sea. I lay bawling, curled up in the fetal position until the room arounds me begins to fade, and I am left alone to drown in my sorrows.


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