Untrue Confessions

David has done many actions in his past with Soraya and Melanie that I think he would most likely feel guilty about and see as bad attributes to himself. The question that has not been answered is whether or not these parts of David are his true self or just the aging man in him that is fulfilling his sexual desires and lustful urges. In his hearing, it becomes obvious that David knows his actions are wrong, “You want a confession, I give you a confession” (pg. 52). Though he knows these actions are wrong, he does not seem sorry for them and will not apologize for what he does, “I have admitted that. Freely. I am guilty of the charges brought against me” (pg. 54). Though he repeatedly mentions he knows that he has done wrongdoings, he makes no mention of repentance or feeling sorry for his actions and those he has victimized.

It can be such a hard and trying process to find your true self, but for some people it can finally be accomplished through much self-discovery and deep investigation. Without knowing the truth about himself, it would be nearly impossible for David to find the “essential truth” about himself and therefore produce an honest confession. Keeping all of this in mind, David is a man who knows much about words and how they are used and their implications. For that reason, I think he is very strategic in the words that he uses while in the hearing. By choosing not to use any of his own original words or listen to Ms. Isaacs statement, the panel can not use this outside information about him either. Davis’s confession is a type of self-preservation and his attempt to try and hold onto any shred of respect he may still hold in the university.


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