Pro-life Versus Pro-choice

In the Catholic Church, abortion is considered a sin. In my own opinion, I think that women should have the right to choose what they want to do to their bodies and whether or not they feel ready to become a mother. In this area of debate, my mother and I hold very opposing opinions which leads to many arguments within my family.

My mother was raised in a very Irish Catholic family in Ireland and went to school from kindergarten all the way through high school taught by Irish nuns. She attending church services Sunday morning as well as youth Bible studies late on Sunday afternoon. When she moved to the States, she realized that the way she had always followed her faith as well as everyone she knew from Ireland was very different than in was in America. America at the time when my mother arrived, and still, is very liberal and there are so many people with so many different religious beliefs and way of showing their faith. She met and married my dad who is Greek Orthodox and they decided they would raise their children, my siblings and I to be Roman Catholic.

When I was younger, my family would go to church every Sunday and we were very active in the parish. However, when I came to Andover I realized how many different options there were for religious preference and so many things I had not ever heard of. My freshman year, I told my mother that I would not be confirmed in the Catholic Church and there were many tears and much yelling and misunderstanding in this discussion. As emotions settled however and I explained to my mother why I did not want to spend my life a part of a religion that I did not even choose for myself. Religion shapes people’s lives and can really affect major decisions in their lives. Though my mother and I have come to terms with the fact that I do not wish to be confirmed in the Catholic Church, the controversial issue of abortion is a point of contention for us.

Sticking with her Irish Catholic roots, my mother still attends church every Sunday and is a scripture reader. I have grown up with an amazing gift of having an extremely open mind and empathy for others struggles. For this reason, I am totally pro-choice and think that women have the right to decide if they want to abort a fetus or not. Especially for women who are victims of rape, I could imagine it being terrible to have to live with that child as a reminder of your attacker for the rest of your life. Even women that haven’t been raped but do not feel fit to be a mother should also have the choice to decide if they want to abort their fetus. My mother completely disagrees with me and is very stubborn in her old-fashioned, traditional way of thinking. She believes that abortion, no matter what the circumstances, is so wrong that if I or either of my sisters ever got an abortion and she was aware of this, she would kick us out and make us fend for ourselves. My siblings and I have all attended very liberal high schools and my three elder siblings have gone to liberal arts colleges. Our upbringing is vastly different from our mother’s and we as a generation are more accepting of whatever choices people want to make. Though there will always be disagreements, I think it is important to discuss such controversial issues so that I can make people aware of the benefits of my beliefs and hopefully open their mind to see the situation from my perspective. Though I don’t think everyone always has to agree on everything, I think it is important to respectfully tolerate and accept people’s decisions and opinions.


2 thoughts on “Pro-life Versus Pro-choice

  1. Thank you for this honest account of your own personal history. I liked the way you analyzed the way that the two different viewpoints and perspectives have affected your life.


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