Final Reflections

“Stop Clicking”


“Learning to Love Lucy”


Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice”


as well as Blog 5 which was very personal for me and I did not feel comfortable sharing


I think that all four of these posts represent well the different work I have done and exhibited over the term as well as how my ideas how grown and changed. Although I think they my stance on the roles of men and women and how they are portrayed by and to society was highlighted in the first blog and rang true throughout the whole term. This term has been a lot of tough work for me personally and some of the texts from this term brought some of issues to the forefront of my mind and really made me address them. I am glad that I have had the opportunity through writing to explore and reflect upon these issues.

A lot has been happening and changing in my life this term, and I feel like through blog posts and essays this term, I have poured a good portion of myself and my experience this term into these blogs. On nights when it has been hard to do anything other than lay in my bed, it has been the blogs and the deadline that has encouraged me to keep pushing. The regularity and continuity of the blog assignments were one of the only constants in my life this term. As I sat at my desk writing “Stop Clicking”, my first blog, I could not have imagined what has transpired over these past few months as I again am sitting at the same mahogany desk writing my final blog of the term and year.

I think that my favorite blog has been the one discussing pro-life and pro-choice, a that due to my spring term seems very relevant and appropriate for me to be writing about. As well as having put a lot of thought into the subject matter, this blog gave me the opportunity to think about my family and the different roles people in my family play. How my mother affects and impacts my life as well as how my father does and how my siblings do as well. This particular blog spurred a very interesting and raw conversation between my brother and myself. This term has been tumultuous to say the least, but I am lucky that I have had the blogs and English reading and writing as a constant, a world to escape to, and a canvas for me to explore my thoughts and opinions.

I know that this is not part of the prompt, but I would just like to briefly reflect on my spring term as a whole as well.  After starting off winter term from the confines of a mental hospital and all the adversaries my personal health and my family’s health faced, I could not expect that my spring term could get worse than my winter term. Oh how wrong and naive I was. With only two weeks left before I can leave Andover for three months, I feel like these last three months have been an uphill battle every day and so many terrible things have happened in such a short span of time. This past term, I totaled a car in my first car crash that injured my two passengers, four of my friends have been asked to leave the school,  and one of my best friends ended up on the top of the tallest bridge of Massachusetts trying to kill herself. Not only that, but I have been struggling with my physical and mental health the whole time and with a month remaining in the year was given the option from the school to withdraw for the rest of the year, or drop my most stressful class. So now only taking four classes and crawling across the finish line, I can not begin to explain how close the end of the year seems but as I have to live hour by hour, two weeks is an extremely long and incredibly tough time to survive Andover.


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